●  Arrive promptly on time with proper attire
●  Respond courteously and timely to homeowner’s requests
●  Work in respectful manner
●  Polite and considerate to your neighbors and others





On A Silver Platter!

●  Proper introduction of the Site Manager
●  Daily communication with the homeowners
●  Final walk through addressing any concerns
●  Always available throughout the duration of the job

We Provide You


●  Dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction
●  Our service attitude is reflected throughout our training process
●  Our team is schooled with the understanding that a home is a valued asset
●  Controlled and orderly procedures throughout the painting process


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●  A systematic approach with many quality checks
●  Finalize colors before project is scheduled for prep and paint
●  Your home is painted systematically from top to bottom and left to right
●  Daily job site inspection and cleanup