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Without question the level of preparation is the absolute key to the longevity and the overall "performance" of your paint job.  Preparation starts with a thorough power washing a couple day's before the project begins.  Once all is dry Integrity uses a systematic approach.  We caulk as needed around all the doors and windows and check all the vertical corner joints.  Our team then scrapes all the loose paint that power washing did not remove.  Once the old paint has been scraped there may be frayed wood that must be sanded.  Finally we can put on our HIGH BUILD XIM BONDING primer on all the bare wood. 

This process conditions the substrate and ensures the top coat will properly bond.  This level of preparation is the key!  80% of the work goes toward the preparation.  It is with this understanding that allows us to offer a 5 year warranty.  No matter who paints your home, if they are professional they can make your home look good.  The 'Integrity Difference' is that we will make your home continue to look good throughout the paint cycle!


If you are looking for elegance and durability we have the answer!   We typically use a satin finish for the body (siding) and a semi-gloss for the trim.  Explained simply the difference between a flat and satin is the additive that creates the sheen in a satin.  The additive used to create a satin finish dries harder, giving more UV protection (wash ability if we are talking interior).  This additive is what turns”regular" flat latex into an enamel.  Enamel in the most basic terms is simply a paint that dries hard.  With increased levels of sheen the bond becomes tighter.  The tighter the bond the harder the paint will dry, creating better protection. 


With interior work the goal is to make the walls look good. With exterior work the goal is to make the home look good and LAST for MANY years.  INTEGRITY has found a way to do both.  


Eaves, fascia
French doors
Garage doors and carports
​Patios, pagodas, decks
​Window bars
Wood siding