Continuous quality is not an accident; it requires a systematic approach with constant quality control checks. Each team member does their own specific tasks (i.e. power washing, caulking, scraping, priming or painting). Once the team leader has inspected the prep, a member of our senior staff is called.  It is the senior staff and our production managers that do most of the actual painting. This allows them to personally inspect the entire home! Our final quality control check is you the homeowner. Before we leave, you are encouraged to fill out a small 5 question survey rating us on communication, appearance, attention to detail, timeliness and overall satisfaction. If we see ANY issues, we will quickly follow-up and do everything within our power to offer a positive experience. That is the Integrity Way!

At Integrity we only use the best products! Every home requires the best primer and best paint. For our top coat we use Sherwin-Williams, a 90-year old company with an impeccable reputation for quality.  Sherwin-Williams has been tested and approved by MPI (Master Paint Institution), an independent 3rd party company, ensuring quality and durability.  Arguably more importantly, Integrity has selected to use XIM PEEL BOND Primer!  Unlike most primers that dry between 3 to 7 mills thick; XIM is a high build material that dries anywhere from 20 to 30 Mills thick.  This primer has an incredible bond that tightly seals the bare wood and produces unmatched lasting results!

Our people are community leaders committed to Integrity's highest standard of quality and service. A fundamental requirement to become part of our team is a commitment to excellence and personal growth.  This means they are committed to premium quality and customer service and they do this with a sense of integrity.  It is this mindset that creates leaders and produce results and these results that create the highest level of customer satisfaction!


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Working in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro for well over a decade, Paint With Integrity is the synthesis of years of experience, skill level, knowledge and relationship building. Listening to our customers and understanding their expectations, has established our core vision and value system. At the heart of our mission is our commitment to creating an ongoing and continuous relationship throughout the painting cycle. You can expect our guarantee for your complete satisfaction and we back that up with an unprecedented 5 YEAR GUARANTEE!  

​We are able to offer this INDUSTRY LEADING service by understanding three fundamental keys that ensure superior workmanship:  Our people, our products, and our process.